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Electric Vehicles Batteries -Basic Course

Fundamentals about Batteries used in Electric vehicles, BMS and Wire Harness and Calculation of required battery pack for vehicle.

Beginner 10(200 Ratings) 540 Students enrolled
By: Academy of EV Technology Last updated Wed, 17-Jun-2020 English
What will i learn?
  • Electric Vehicle Powertrain
  • Electric Vehicle Power Store
  • Type of Battery Technology
  • Battery Chemistry
  • Battery architecture
  • Battery Charging
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Battery Connectors
  • calculation of battery pack
  • Battery Safety for Electric Vehicle

Curriculum for this course
38 Lessons 13:05:00 Hours
Indian and Global EV Scenario
4 Lessons 01:15:00 Hours
  • Introduction 00:10:00
  • Virtual Class History of Automobile Industry 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Components of Electric Vehicle 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class OEM's in Electric Vehicle in India and across the Globe 00:15:00
  • Virtual Class Types of Batteries 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Lead Acid Batteries 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Li-Ion batteries 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Battery Architecture 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Battery Pack Anatomy 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Battery Pack Architecture 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Introduction Cell Chemistries 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Lithium Cobalth Oxide 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Lithium Manganese Oxide 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalth Oxide 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Lithium Iron Phosphate 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Lithium Polymer 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Cylindrical cells 00:15:00
  • Virtual Class Cell balancing 00:15:00
  • Virtual Class Various Types of Cell Balancing 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Cell balancing Algorithm 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Introduction to Battery Charging 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Li-ion Battery Charging 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Depth Of Discharge 00:15:00
  • Virtual Class Charging Standards 00:15:00
  • Virtual Class Life Cycle of Battery at various Temperatures 00:15:00
  • Virtual Class Home Charging 00:15:00
  • Virtual Class Workplace Charging 00:15:00
  • Virtual Class Battery Management System (BMS) 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Block Diagram of BMS 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Thermal Management in Battery Pack 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Thermal Control System 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Cooling System 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Battery Connectors 00:10:00
  • Virtual Class EV Connectors 00:10:00
  • Virtual Class Calculation and Selection Battery for a EV 2W 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Calculation and Selection Battery for a EV 3W 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Calculation and Selection Battery for a EV 4W 00:30:00
  • Any one can take admission for this beginner Course
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Electric Vehicles Batteries course is a comprehensive online course for beginners. The course outline comprises Batteries and their types, applications, architecture, Cell Chemistries, Battery Charging its Modes & Standards, Battery Management Systems, Cell Balancing, Wire Harness, Battery Connectors & EV Connectors. Batteries are an essential part of any electric vehicle sometimes taking upto 40% of the entire vehicle cost. This course would comprises all the necessary components required for you to understand the underlying technology and start your journey with battery design. 

Course certificate will issued by Academy of EV Technology

Certificate Offered by: Academy of EV Technology
Instructor: Sanjib Roy
  • 1401 Reviews
  • 540 Students
  • 7 Courses
Sanjib Roy

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Course Summery:
  • 13:05:00 Hours Class
  • 38 Lessons
  • 37 Virtual Class
  • Access on mobile and tv
  • Offered By: Academy of EV Technology

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