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Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics

Understand the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics and suspension/steering design. Gain practical knowledge of how the vehicle moves and how the suspension and steering behaves.

Beginner 10(200 Ratings) 540 Students enrolled
By: Prodipto Kumar Last updated Wed, 17-Jun-2020 English
What will i learn?
  • Design and conduct experiments
  • Identify, formulates, and solves engineering problems.
  • understand basic principles of accelerating and braking a car
  • know the driving resistances and their influences on vehicle dynamics
  • understand the discrepancy between demands and limits of powertrain
  • understand the correlation between braking, wheel load and recovery of energy

Curriculum for this course
23 Lessons 09:55:00 Hours
Vehicle Dynamics Fundamental
4 Lessons 01:30:00 Hours
  • Virtual Class Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Fundamentals of Linear Algebra 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Vector Algebra and 3D Geometry 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Question Answer Session 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Power Train 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Suspension System 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Steering System 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Question Answer Session 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Linear Forces 00:20:00
  • Virtual Class Linear External Forces 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Weight & Weight Distribution 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Load & Load Distribution 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Question Answer Session 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Kinematics of the Model 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Longitudinal Dynamics 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Lateral Dynamics 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Question Answer Session 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Suspension System Components 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Suspension Geometry - 1 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Suspension Geometry - 2 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Acceleration & Breaking 00:25:00
  • Virtual Class Vehicle Dynamics Control 00:30:00
  • Virtual Class Question Answer Session 00:30:00
  • Engineering Students
  • Professionals
  • Bachelors & PhD students
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This course attempts to find a middle ground by balancing engineering principles and equations of use to every automotive engineer with practical explanations of the mechanics involved, so that those without a formal engineering degree can still comprehend and use most of the principles discussed. Either as an introductory text or a practical professional overview, this course is an ideal course.

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I think, all of you will try to build new product and become new engineer and entrepreneurs.

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Course Summery:
  • 09:55:00 Hours Class
  • 23 Lessons
  • 23 Virtual Class
  • Access on mobile and tv
  • Offered By: Prodipto Kumar

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