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  • Electric Vehicle EVSE Business Course Sanjib Roy -
    Techno Commercial course for e-mobility start-ups, techno-commercial operation and viability of business models for EV Battery Technology and assembly line, EV charging station, EV Communication system development and more...
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    50 Lessons 24:30:00 Hours English Advanced

    र 16599 र 19999

    202 Ratings
  • EV Charging Station Development Course Sanjib Roy -
    EV Charging Station Designs, planing, costing, ROI, vendor selection and serves as a starting point for EV charging installation projects. Case study of EV charging station business model.
    23 Lessons 11:30:00 Hours English Advanced

    र 10789 र 12999

    201 Ratings
  • Lithium Battery assembly Business Course Sanjib Roy -
    Today's battery systems are essential, complex and multi-functional modules in electric vehicles. From AproSkill, EV Battery Technology and assembly lines training, the vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers may quickly and easily implement their development ideas.
    17 Lessons 08:30:00 Hours English Advanced

    र 14109 र 16999

    200 Ratings
  • Electric Vehicle Technology Aproskill .com -
    Study free online Electric cars courses from
    1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours English Beginner
    200 Ratings
  • Fundamental of Electric Vehicles Battery Aproskill .com -
    Electric Vehicles continue to push into the mainstream, If you are interested in learning about the electric vehicle battery technology and how it can work for your business or create societal impact, then this is the course for you.
    0 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours English Beginner
    200 Ratings
  • Solar PV Technology Business Course Srotriya Tripathi -
    This course covers technical details needed to assess potential residential, commercial PV projects and to present accurate proposals.This course is specially designed for Startup ,Entrepreneurs and Engineering students to design, check performance, costing, subsidy, financial-benefit analysis of solar power plant....
    2 Lessons 01:40:00 Hours English Advanced

    र 14940 र 18000

    200 Ratings
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